On this site, you will be able to enjoy a large variety of very rare SUPERBOY: THE SERIES photographs, and art, along with video and audio clips. The site is the definitive resource for information with regards to trivia, articles, and special features for the Superboy series.

SUPERBOY: THE LEGACY’s Mission is to Celebrate and Honor the 1988-1992 SUPERBOY: THE SERIES legacy on television. The website recognizes the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the production of all 100 episodes of the show. This site honors the directors, writers, cast and crew who made this series a success and added to the rich tapestry of Superman on film and television.


Superboy: The Legacy Podcast Episode #6: Writers Room 2 – Season 5, Episode 2 “For The Love of Lex”

In Episode #6, Tom Gallagher pitches his 2nd episode of the fan fiction Season 5 of The Adventures of Superboy titled "For The Love of Lex!" Hosted By: Sam J. Rizzo & Tom GallagherRecorded By: Sam J. RizzoEdited By:...

Superboy: The Legacy Podcast Episode #4 – The Tales of Two Superboy Pilots

In Episode #4, Superboy Legacy host, Sam J. Rizzo is joined by his co-hosts Tom Gallagher &...

Superboy: The Legacy Podcast Episode #2 – Learning to Fly

In Episode #2, "Learning to Fly," Sam J. Rizzo and co-host Tom Gallagher, long time Superboy fan and contributor to Superboy: The...

Suuperboy: The Legacy Podcast KRYPTONITE KILLS Commentary Track

In the sixth commentary track, Tom Gallagher is joined by Chris Jacobsen our resident Superboy fact checker and contributor to Superboy Legacy....

Writer Stan Berkowitz Looks Back On “The Adventures of Superboy”

Andy Liegl of CBR.com caught up with head writer and story editor, Stan Berkowitz about his time on the Adventures of Superboy...

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